Saturday, June 12, 2010

June Twizzelfth

Do you know why W.S. Gilbert was frequently drunk on his transatlantic crossings? No? Because he was quartered on the port side.

 All different sounds again today. I've never heard of Jazz Cartier or Tayyib Ali before but I can't stop listening to their track "Bounce". "Top of the World" by Ace Hood has a great feel. Two Door Cinema Club - "What You Know", Dont really know how to describe it, kind of like MGMT I guess, just listen. Second single off of Eminem's new album Recovery is "Won't Back Down" and  features Pink on the chorus. If this song is sign of what the rest of Recovery will be like I can say that Em is back. Last song is totally different from the rest. Its a cover of the Talking Heads' song "This Must be the Place" by Miles Fisher, has the 80's feel and is a little weird but sounds like something girls would enjoy. Three days till the end of my life as i know it.

Jazz Cartier and Tayyib Ali - "Bounce"

 Ace Hood - "Top of the World"

Two Door Cinema Club - What You Know"

Eminem w/ Pink - "Won't Back Down"

Miles Fisher - "This Must be the Place"

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