Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June 2, 2010

A good morrow to you on this early summer’s day.
Alright so first ever post, I’ll try to keep this shit updated daily so keep coming back and tell your friends about it too. I’m going to have to give the honor of the first post to the kid Mac Miller. Out of Pittsburgh, he’s cool with Wiz Khalifa ( same high school, did a track together, made a cameo in Wiz’s “Kid Frankie” video , good track of Kush & OJ if you don’t know but you probably do), Miller is bringing in the new school of hip-hop. He put out “The High Life” back in December and the whole thing is real good. Stand out tracks are “Live Free”, “Crushin’ Round the Clock”, “Cruise Control” with Khalifa, and “Another Night”. Beats are great, writing is good, and delivery is unique but good. If you don’t pick up the whole mix-tape definitely look into the songs mentioned above. Miller has a new album coming out this summer entitled KIDS and it looks like its going to be fire. One of the first songs off of it is "Nikes on My Feet". By the way the kid probably hasn't even graduated high school yet as I'm writing this, he's a class of 2010 senior.

Live Free

Cruise Control w/ Wiz Khalifa


Another Night

Nikes On My Feet (song starts at about 1:40)

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